Sil Christiaens was born in 1992, the Netherlands. Drawing and creating in the broadest sense of the word have been a part of his life since a very young age. When he was 15 years old he attended a graphic design school and within the following 7 years he had graduated from 2 Media Design studies. Yet with every passing year his interest grew steadily towards painting and drawing in particular. Finding much of his inspiration in the worlds of travelling, photography and concept art - all personal passions of his. He began specializing in traditional and digital paintings as this felt like the technique where he could most efficiently pour all of his passions into a single piece of artwork.

After experiencing the various forms of culture, music and art around the world during his travels he developed a passion for the possibilities that open up when painting in digital and traditional colors. Portions of his art have a hyper realistic focus that aims to capture certain crucial details and expressions, whereas the rest of the canvas is used to create depth and tell a surrounding story, mostly in combination with cultural line art.

He has studied a wide variety of art techniques throughout his life including; Oil/textile painting, charcoal/pencil drawings, photography, tattooing, wood sculpting and graphic design. Yet eventually he has found his favorite art-form to be that of digital & traditional painting. When this is employed to its full potential he feels this can reap the benefits of both worlds; digital precision and that sense of hand-crafted artistry.

He tries to work in as few layers as possible to keep a traditional line flow in his work. Combining this with digital coloring possibilities and various brush techniques that can later be printed with modern techniques on a variety of different materials. Making his art future proof and a good fit for the 21st century.


His traditional paintings are focussed on realism in combination with cultural line flow, creating a surreal  combination on the canvas. That suggests a mysterious story.


Sil feels a deep passion for travelling and has lived in various countries such as Greece, Thailand, and New Zealand. One of the great things about living abroad is that you get to meet a lot of different people. This helps one become good at observing facial expressions and finding the most intriguing pairs of eyes (“Windows to the soul”). There is a story and essence behind every living being and he strives to capture some spark of that in his work.



Sil is currently living and working in the Netherlands.


2023  "Benchasiri - The divine garden of goddesses" - Solo expo - Maastricht, Netherlands

2023  "Dutch Future Art" - Maastricht, Netherlands

2022  "Knokke Art Fair" - Knokke, Belgium

2022  "Art Eindhoven" - Klokgebouw, Eindhoven

2022  "Opening Art Gallery " - The Atelier Art Society Opening

2022  "In Art We Trust " - The Atelier Art Society Event

2022  "Pop Up Expo " - Breda NS Station

2021   "International Art Expo" - Museon, The Hague 

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